Artificial Grass West

Artificial Grass West are one of the longest running artificial grass suppliers in Ireland.  We have been supplying grass to both domestic and trade customers for almost 15 years.  Through this time we have seen artificial grass improve from plastic monotone green carpets to landscaping grasses which are almost better than the real thing  –  and much easier to maintain!

As a 100% Irish owned business, we are confident that we know are customers, and we know their needs.  We are happy to work with you to deliver you the garden of your dreams.

If you know what measurement you need, you can order online or you can give is a call on  if you would like to order over the phone.  We ship grass to all of the Republic and Northern Ireland.  Delivery price depends on location and amount of grass ordered.

Common Uses for Artificial Grass Include:
  • Front and Back Gardens
  • Showhouse Display Gardens
  • Shop & Showroom Displays
  • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Schools and Creches
  • Graves
  • Car Parks
  • Gym Weight Areas & Sled Tracks
Why Us?
One major concern that all parents have is the safety of their children. Artificial grass has many benefits, which will keep your children happy and safe, below are just a few of the positives that Artificial Grass West offers.

Enjoy your garden 365 days a year

Children have endless amounts of energy, and the majority of children love playing outside. With artificial grass they are able to play in the garden everyday regardless of the weather.

Do not worry, using the garden everyday will not make the colour of your grass fade or damaged. Artificial Grass West designs their artificial grass to withstand a lot of activity, and just for your piece of mind Artificial Grass West offers a 5-year warranty.

Fewer injuries

Artificial grass is softer to land on, grass burns are avoided and children will not get covered in mud! When the weather is bad, the artificial grass does not become as slippery and dangerous as real grass, and the texture of the grass is softer on the joints encase you decide to join in on the fun!

Better for your health

Artificial grass does not need any pesticides or fertilizers, resulting in your garden being child, pet and environmentally friendly. You will also not need to use your lawnmower anymore, which means the fumes released can be avoided as well.

No more mud!

Artificial grass is also a bonus for parents, as you will no longer have to clean any muddy footprints that make their way into your homes. By having an artificial grass, you gain the privilege of having a tidy and clean garden, while not having to deal with any debris that makes its way into your home. There is no mud in an artificial grass lawn and your children or pets can enjoy your lawn during or immediately after rain.  Artificial grass, quite simply, does not need hardly any maintenance and you are able to have a beautiful garden all year round.

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